The Hotchkiss School

Location: Salisbury, CT
Project Size: 10,550 sq. ft.
Completed: TBD

Theatre at Hotchkiss is both a literary and a performing art. Theatre study includes all aspects of drama, including acting, production, playwriting, directing, scenic design, lighting and theatre history. Each school year, Hotchkiss students conduct studio workshops, stage two plays and present a musical theatre offering. Students participate in every aspect of the craft. Strategic renovations to the existing Walker Auditorium will allow students and faculty to better harness the space as a teaching tool. And through these proposed improvements, we can bolster the work that the Hotchkiss theatre department is doing to fuel the creation and presentation of dramatic, scholarly work.

This project is geared toward select upgrades to front and back of house spaces in Walker to better accommodate varied presentation and assembly programming. As a matter of approach, the architectural character of the space will support the performance experience and will be engineered to enhance work presented on stage. Connections between performer and audience will be enhanced to the greatest extent possible.


Architects: Allee Architecture + Design & Working Group 1

Acoustical/Audio Consultant: SH Acoustics

Theater Consultant: Schuler Shook

Estimation: Slocum Construction Consulting

Photos:, LOC, Unknown